Swagger API

Table of Contents

OpenAPI 3 and swagger2

  • What is the purpose of springdoc-openapi?
  • How do we migrate to OpenAPI 3?
  • Integration with spring-web and spring-webflux
  • Integration of JSR 303 Bean Validation with OpenAPI 3
  • Integration with actuator
  • Global Exception Handling Using Controller Advice
  • Integration with spring- HATEOAS and Pageable
  • Integration with spring-security and OAuth 2.0
  • Multiple OpenAPI description on the same application and groups support
  • Integration with spring-cloud-gateway in a microservices architecture
  • Integration with Kotlin
  • Generation of the OpenAPI 3 documentation in offline mode


springdoc-openapi is a java library that can automate the generation of API documentation using spring boot. It examins an application at runtime to generate the description of APIs from spring configurations, class structure and various annotations.